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- when things go awry -

Things have gone... upside down.

In what feels like a matter of days, our daily lives have completely flipped and we are dealing with a worldwide health crisis. I don't know about you, but I never thought I would experience something like this in my lifetime. Thankfully, though, we have some really awesome resources and workers to help us get through this. But lets talk about how to cope when things go upside down like this - and more specifically, how there has never been a better time to start your slow living journey.

I made a lot of lists when 2020 started, and one of them was a really long & comprehensive list of intentions for myself, my relationships, and my business in the coming year.I try not to make New Years resolutions, and instead I focus on guiding myself softly in the direction of some loose goals. That said, this year I set a LOT of goals. Like, more than ever before. As this was now my second year of business, my excitement about levelling up and beating my old sales records and so on was in full effect. January was awesome, I did so much for myself and I crossed a lot off my list. February was the same.

And then March came, and it became pretty darn clear that I wouldn't be able to keep quite the same momentum with my goal-meeting while I was watching the world around me alter itself to address a global crisis. And that was heart breaking on so many levels. I was saddened that I wouldn't *smash* my goals like I had intended, but more so I was saddened about the state of the world, and then confused with myself for feeling upset about such trivial things as my own business when all this was going on.

But heres the thing, we are all mourning something right now. Covid-19 has changed things, cancelled events, forced us to reprioritize - and it is NOT easy. It hurts, and it feels unfair and absolutely hopeless at times. But it is possible to move through this period with grace.

now is a time to let go. mourn the old goals, make new ones.

This is where slow living comes in - and in a BIG way. This pandemic is giving us all a crash course in why slow living can save us from ourselves. Things are closed, work is slow, and we have pretty much no choice but to adopt the slow lifestyle - or we're going to go crazy.

I know that things are horrifying, I know that some of us are having an easier time than others. I know that living slowly doesn't change the way that scary news is coming towards us at an alarming rate. BUT, wouldn't it be nice if we could all make things a bit more manageable just by choosing to slow down?

And we can. There are very few things we can control right now - but we CAN control how we react to the situation. And I'm choosing to spend a bit more time nurturing my soul, drinking tea, moving slowly and fluidly through the day. I hope you can join me.

all love


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