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hey friends, if you already know me - thanks for clicking this anyway! If not, I hope this is a fruitful way for us to get acquainted.

my name is imogen, I am 20 years old, a student and business owner at thehazelwitch. I live in Vancouver, British Columbia - and I wouldn't change it for the world. The Pacific Northwest is the perfect place to live a seasonal and intentional lifestyle.

my life is about finding the heart in the world around me, exploring my infinite potential for growth, and fostering the spark in my heart that grows brighter when I live simply.

my platform is something I do not take for granted - having over 10k followers is something I would never have seen as possible when I started sharing my life. Sharing my day to day and connecting with folks on the internet is such a fulfilling way to exist in this world for me, and I hope to inspire others to live simply and from their heart.

I often get asked how and why I became so attached to crystals, how I arrived at my current business model and where it began. This is going to be a blog post for another time, but for now I will say that my main mission with crystals is to cultivate a life rooted in nature and connection. I practice a slow and simple life, aided by the natural magic that I personally believe to be present in minerals and crystals!

There are about a hundred things I want to achieve here with my online presence, and as I am nearing the 1 year anniversary of my website, I'm excited to launch the blog portion of my brand! I want this little corner of the internet to be a space where I can share my emotions and also my knowledge, things that I have learned since beginning this journey, and more. I hope you will cozy up with me and enjoy the content I curate for this little blog.

All love,

imogen x

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